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Is remote working for me?

Whilst the number of Americans choosing to work remotely continues to increase, making the leap from traditional office-based work and daily commute can seem daunting. ShowMyPC’s vision is to provide millions of users with cost-effective and easy to use remote services that can help you enjoy the numerous benefits of being able to connect with your workload, colleague and customers from the location that suits you.

Some of the most common misconceptions about working remotely are easily debunked with a little bit of research, but we’ve done the work for you. So, if you are still a little unsure about whether remote working is for you, take a look at how we’ve busted the three most common myths:

Myth one: Working remotely will mean me or my employees aren’t as efficient

According to research, individuals who work remotely tend to be more engaged than their office-dwelling counterparts, and in an experiment by Stanford University, test employees who were allowed to work from home saw a productivity increase of between 9.5-13%. Similarly, a 2014 Harvard Business Review study revealed that those who work remotely typically took less time off, and less sick days.

Myth two: I’ll get distracted

You can easily avoid distractions and get yourself in the frame of mind to focus on your work. Dressing for work helps to draw the line in the mind that now is time to concentrate. Don’t have social media or personal email accounts open that might tempt your mind and attention to wander. Ensure you take proper breaks, just as you would in an office, so you can cast a fresh eye over your workload and avoid fatigue. And make sure you are sat somewhere appropriate- working from the sofa is bad for posture!

Myth three: You can’t schedule meetings with people when you or they are working remotely

Nearly all computers, phones and tablet devices are capable of video call, which can frequently be done with more than one person engaged. On top of this, ShowMyPC offers tailored packages to provide remote support and allows individuals to conduct meetings online, making it easier than ever to connect with groups of people based at different locations. Not only does this eliminate the need to spend on petrol getting everyone to the same room, but it helps organizing a meeting really easy; whilst the meeting itself might not take all day, when travel is involved this can take a big chunk out of people’s diaries, so it can be hard to find a day and time that is suitable for all. Meetings that incorporate remote services make it more convenient to schedule time to talk or discuss projects with customers and colleagues.

ShowMyPC has helped individuals from a wide variety of industries get involved with working remotely, with our fully customizable remote support service packages, and can offer advice on how to get the most out of your business and your employees whilst working remotely.

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