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Online Meeting and Collaboration Services Keep Remote Teams in Sync

We’re seeing a lot more flexibility from employers when it comes to offering opportunities to work from home. A survey by Gallup suggests that almost half (43%) of Americans are now able to work remotely at least occasionally*.  Around 8 million people work entirely at home according to the same research. 
Offering your team the option to work remotely some, if not all, of the time, has many benefits including the ability to recruit from a much wider talent pool (including internationally). Remote working is also a huge consideration when it comes to employee satisfaction and retention with half of the workers saying they want to work from home at least one day a week**. 

With society craving a better work-life balance, being able to provide this flexibility is a huge bonus. For many businesses, the challenge of finding a way to keep workers in different locations connected, in-sync, able to work together and collaborate efficiently has been monumental. Thankfully, technology is changing all that – our online meetings service, in particular, makes collaboration with co-workers and clients a breeze. 

Here are just a few advantages on offer:

Conduct Multiple Meetings at The Same Time
Depending on your package with us, you can pick the number of concurrent online meetings. There’s no need to go through the tedious process of booking the room as you do with physical meeting spaces. New meetings can be set up at the drop of a hat with a simple URL available to participants instantly.  

No Downloads Required to Join a Meeting
Not even an application download is required in order to access ShowMyPC online meetings, meaning this solution can be used to connect with clients as well as your own workforce. Being able to conduct meetings with clients which include screen sharing options and presenting tools means there will be a reduced need to physically travel to client’s offices – something that bodes well for your carbon emissions, transport costs, and time. 

Remote PC Support
Our packages also provide remote PC support allowing you to help your workforce with any issues as they arise. We know that you need to have confidence that your remote workers have access to support while out of the office so that technical issues don’t disrupt their ability to work. 

Business Branding Available
With our business and commercial packages, your virtual meeting rooms can be branded for a more professional and integrated look. Again, this is an excellent option if you’re planning to connect remotely with clients and customers. 

Use Your Own Website
Our Business and Enterprise plans let you map your company's domain to your account, further adding to your professional, polished image. This doesn’t just look good, it also reduces security concerns by giving participants access via a URL they already know and trust.



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