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Opportunity for Educators to Maximize on Screen Sharing

Teachers and educators are rapidly catching up on screen sharing and web conferencing facilities if the latest research in remote learning is anything to go by. Remote learning among community colleges in America has gone up even as total enrollment in institutions dipped. According to an ITC survey, enrollment in various online programs between the fall of 2013 and fall of 2014 had gone up by 4.7 percent with a 3.5 percent decline in overall enrollment in the community colleges within the same period.

22 percent of graduate students, according to a National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) study, were found to be studying exclusively online while 11 percent of undergraduates were found pursuing distance education. Iowa, West Virginia and Arizona are documented as the states with the highest number of students enrolled in remote learning programs with 39.7%, 40% and 48% of all enrollments respectively. These states are also home to institutions with the largest number of online learners in the United States such as Kaplan University, American Public University System and University of Phoenix.

The current modern lifestyle is shrinking enrollment in colleges as many people opt for distance learning that is flexible and easier from wherever they are. Educators are also finding it easier to incorporate remote learning opportunities and screen sharing in various schools from kindergarten, grade school to high school and colleges. In fact, in 10 years between 1998 and 2008, the number of learners who chose remote learning programs as a part of their normal college curriculum were found to have increased by 150 percent. As more children mature with Tablets, PCs and Smartphones they seem to expect their education will also benefit from the same technological improvement in communication, content and access.

One of the ways tutors, educators and teachers can incorporate this flexible method of learning, perhaps to boost their pedagogical programs and courses is integrating screen sharing and web conferencing facilities in all their hardware devices, software and websites. A platform such as ShowMyPC takes this a step further by providing tools to help educators conduct lessons, meetings and tutoring online from wherever they are. The service allows customization in the best way that fits your classroom situation, including the ability to host full featured web conferences with webcam, chat, and whiteboard. ShowMyPC also enables students to access the online class from mobile devices. No matter where the learners are, lessons do not have to stop.

While screen sharing and web conferencing are revolutionizing education, educators are also turning to exclusive online spaces to engage and share with other teachers. They are shunning mainstream social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook for less-established avenues. ShowMyPC is on the mission to offer an integrated and free collaboration of tools even for professional educators from across the world looking for better and private ways of meeting online, sharing, chatting and sharpening one another on the web.

Of course, all this happens to be in line with the National Education Technology Plan of 2010 by the U.S. Department of Education, which encouraged stakeholders in education to experiment and integrate Web 2.0 and social networking technologies. This way, more communities for K12 teachers will be created as student-based collaborative learning opportunities are boosted.

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