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What's the Future of Remote Service and Support?

Did you know that remote service and tech support has been around for decades? It is widely used among companies ranging from small businesses to large enterprises to help their customers through the internet as if a technician was sitting beside them in their home to work out problems that they initially contacted the company about. So we come to the question of the future of this type of service and support.

More and more tech companies are switching to remote services and support to help their customers. In 2012, four years ago, IMS Research released a report that valued the remote service industry at $29 billion. Even larger companies are looking to expand remote services past the technology industry’s use of it with computers. In 2013, Google began a new services known as Helpouts that was built to help anyone with anything remotely, from repairing a damaged bike to learning a new skill like cooking or yoga. Though Google’s new service only lasted until April of 2015, it showed the world what could be done with the remote industry.

The popular blog, Smart Customer Service, wrote an article about the predictions of the customer service in the next ten years. It details that remote service will continue to grow and call centers that take calls will decrease and slowly become like “the cloud”, there in the virtual world but not physically. Technicians will likely stay at home, taking calls and remote service will slowly take over so that calling customers and working on their computers while they watch will be a daily occurrence.

The future for remote service and support looks very bright. It is cost effective with about $50 spent per hour while $350 to $450 would be spent for an on-site call. While you may believe that the majority of calls will result in on-site calls, it is not true. The vast majority of common problems that customers experience with their technology can be fixed remotely. With the large number of businesses having turned to ecommerce for their customers, they need faster response times when their sites go down because without it, there is no profit. Remote Access enables organizations to maintain all their computers and keep them updated with the latest patches and services, without having to visit each site.

Here at ShowMyPC, our vision began in 2002 and grew from there. Now with millions of monthly users using our remote services, we can also help you with any of your business or personal needs. We are your cost effective solution to set up your remote support services so you can seamlessly help your customers without having to make on-site visits.

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