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Why Choose Remote Service and Support?

There was a time when all business and computer support needed to be carried out on-site, meaning businesses would often find themselves waiting hours and sometimes days for someone to come and fix a problem. Not only was this a hassle and annoyance for those trying to stay on top of tasks, but it also had an impact on the amount of work getting done.

Luckily, remote support is now a viable option for all businesses and it’s increasingly growing in popularity. More and more businesses are turning to remote support, but why?

The Benefits of Remote Support

There are a number of benefits that come with remote support and this has led to many businesses, both large and small, going down this route. Some of the most popular benefits include:

Efficiency - Remote support is more efficient than having someone travel miles and miles to an office. In fact, within seconds a business can be connected with their dedicated support professional and work can begin. This leads to problems being solved quicker and less downtime.

No Restrictions - There are no restrictions as to when or where remote support can be given and with many employees working remotely out of hours, this is a great help. Individuals do not need to be in the office to utilize the expertise or the support team, nor do they need to work 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday. Statistics show that people who work remotely are twice as likely to work over 40 hours a week and this goes both ways; it means remote support professionals are likely to work longer hours and provide more hours of support each week than those in an office, but it also means that employees who work remotely are likely to need remote support outside of the standard eight hour work day.

Quick Response Time - With remote support there is no making a call and waiting for a professional to turn up. In fact, most remote support professionals can provide an almost instant response and therefore issues can be resolved more efficiently.

Less On-Site Employees - Any business with minimum office space will understand the struggle that comes with having to find room for a new employee; remote support staff do not need this. When a business opts for remote support they do not need to supply anything, do not need to find a spare working area and do not need to work out the logistics of having an additional person in the office.

Cost Effective - Remote support is a cheaper and more cost effective alternative to having on-site IT support. In fact, Forbes recently stated that companies of all sizes reported a significant decrease in operating costs by having some of their employees work remotely. Therefore, remote support is a more affordable option when compared to employing someone full time.

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