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ShowMyPC Private Hosted Plans for Remote Support, Unattended Access, and Collaboration.
Build your own screen sharing experience. Customize features and plan details that fit your needs.
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Private 15





Meetings, Support, Access    
Branded Application    
Integration and API    
2 Factor Authentication*    
User Management*    
Access Unattended PCs* 150 PCs   500 PCs   Contact Us
Number of Users 15   Unrestricted   Contact Us
Private Server
    1 Server or VM  

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$1550 /Year
$5550 /Year
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Web Based Sharing*    
Shared Web Folder*    
Web Based Recording*    
Video Conferencing*    
ShowMyPC's self-hosted on-prem solution for remote software meets your strictest compliance needs. Achieve high performance, security, and data privacy, your way.

* The private server allows you to move screen sharing traffic via your own hosted servers. All other associated services are hosted and built with Google Cloud.

  Once you purchase a plan hosted on our cloud, we will instantly activate your account.
  We will provide you with separate applications if you have customizations/host on your own server. (Can take up to 24 hours)
  For any customizations, we will plan on the specific requirements, and the work will start after the plan has been agreed upon.
  Contact Us for hosting specifications and more information.

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